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Don't Stand on the Sidelines

For nearly 15 years, Republicans have controlled the legislature and Governor's office in Iowa; and what do we have to show for it?

  • Two-thirds of our counties are losing their populations and quality of life

  • Public schools are closing and teachers are under attack

  • Public dollars are funding private schools

  • Women's reproductive and health care rights are under attack

  • LGBTQ+ neighbors and family members are losing rights and liberties

  • Workers' rights are being stripped away 

  • Hospitals across the state are closing and losing vital services

  • Family farms continue to be run out of business by agriculture conglomerates 

  • Natural resources are being recklessly polluted

  • Out of town mega-companies are given huge tax breaks

  • Gun owner rights are expanding while gun safety laws are being eliminated

How much more will Iowans allow? We continue our work to bring new leadership; at the statehouse, at the local city halls, on our school board, and in our communities. 

The change Iowa needs will happen as more of us get involved. That's why we invite you to join the West Des Moines Democrats.

Monthly Meetings

West Des Moines Democrats meet in person every third Saturday from 12:00 pm until approximately 1:30 pm. 

Our current meeting location is Maxie's, 1311 Grand Ave, WDM

All Democrats are welcome to join us. Our annual membership dues are only $15.

Become a Volunteer
How would you like to help?

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

Neighbor 2 Neighbor

We are looking for people to continuously engage, mobilize, and connect democrats across West Des Moines one neighborhood at a time. Do you want to help build this?

Young Businesswomen

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